Precious Bracelet


So aptly named! This truly is PRECIOUS! Every bracelet comes with with the added panache of specially designed and expertly hand crafted beads. 

Each bead has been carefully created from a precious metal clay that consists of very tiny particles of metal such as bronze or copper. Designs are then ‘fired’ in a kiln to produce unique metal beads that will last a lifetime.

The Precious bracelet is a perfect match to our Precious Collar which is available in our usual range of colours, but you get to choose the colour of the Heart Wrap bead that will be incorporated, each one individual and perfect!

Just right for when you’re feeling special and you want to wear what your dog is wearing.

Your bracelet will be fully adjustable too, just like your dogs collar! Please see our Precious Life Saver Collar for more info!

As your bracelet is handcrafted specially for you, please allow between 7 - 10 days plus shipping - some things are worth waiting for :-)

 See here how your bracelet is crafted. 

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