Slim Slipper ID Collar


Our Slim Slipper design is a slimmer version of our Lounge Collar, which is ‘made to measure’ and designed to slip easily over your dog’s head and rest loosely at the base of the neck. With two strands of leather less than the normal design it's slim style means that it is perfect for small dogs and kitties too! 

All collars are a high quality tight weave leather braided around 150lb test core and intended for ID only. They should not be used with a leash, but can withstand the outdoors and some rough and tumble.

A great way to keep ID on your pet, they are thin and lightweight for maximum comfort and are safe to wear with another collar or harness. Each collar comes with a cute charm and a closed ring to attach an ID tag. Available in a range of colours.

Please see our 'top tip' in product images to the left to get the perfect fit. As your collar is handcrafted and specially made for your pet you will have to allow between 7 - 10 days plus shipping, but it will be worth it!

If you make a purchase at and it ships with your collar, your shipping fee will be refunded.


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