Sparkle Collection

There are times when we all like to look our best - and now your pet can without sacrificing their comfort or safety. With our 'Sparkle' Collection your pet can dress to impress - a ride in the car, a family party or just out on the town- your pet can dazzle and be extra comfortable. So, kick off that boring heavy buckled collar and get excited, a Sparkle collar is all about feeling as good as you look.

Our Sparkle collars are designed to carry that all important visible ID and as with all our Lounge Collars, they are strong enough to withstand the outdoors and look great when when worn with a harness or an extra to your pet's regular collar.

Handmade to order from soft, strong, supple kangaroo leather it’s going to feel as good as it looks and last a lifetime. You can even mix and match colors and accessories to suit your pet's own personal razzle-dazzle personality!