our story

When we decided to offer a home for a pet, we were committed to finding a special friend that we could offer a second chance at life. We were especially looking for an animal that was having trouble getting adopted and one that perhaps needed some extra care to trust again.

As we searched through rescues and shelters we were touched by the sheer number of animals who were obviously somebody's much loved pet but with no ID and therefore no way for their families to be found. 

We thought "hey, someone should do something about that" So, we launched blanket ID, an advanced ID tag with special features to give your pet a better chance to make it back home, and also provide some financial support for those valuable organizations caring for those animals that have no one else. 

We earned a growing collection of members and our service extended across North America and beyond. We got pets home in record time. We reunited furry families.

Later, after studying our lost pet statistics, it became clear to us that most pets actually go missing right from the house... a place where many of them aren’t wearing any collar or ID! So, we decided to create an ID collar that was not only strong but lightweight and extra comfy - most pets don't know they even have a collar on! Now those pets can relax in comfort  - and still keep their ID on just in case...

and in case you're wondering why we called it blanket- it's all about warmth, comfort, protection, safety and security - "relax we've always got you covered"