Relax, we've got you covered!

We all know how nice it is to get home and slip into your favorite something comfortable so that you can curl up and relax. So, here's a thought - don't you think your pet might feel the same? Clearly, many people do, and that's why they often remove their pet's collar at home.
So, how can you make your furry friend nice and comfy without separating them from their essential ID? We'd like to introduce you to The Lounge Collar


For their comfort

Imagine the feel of one of our soft, supple and lightweight Lounge Collars. Each one lovingly handcrafted from six or eight strands of soft Kangaroo leather, they are beautifully designed, and worn with looser fit for maximum comfort. Lose the tight, heavy outdoor buckled collar and kick back in style!

For their protection where it's needed most

A Lounge Collar is much more than just style and comfort. A Lounge Collar means that your pet can wear ID at all times without sacrificing their comfort. It just makes sense, or as we like to say, "Relax, we've got you covered."

100% Quality made in North America for a lifetime of safe, comfortable napping.