Silkies - Some dogs just deserve to be extra-spoiled :-)

Remember that feeling when you get home, slip into your comfy wear and relax and stretch out? - Chances are your dog would just love to do the same.

Here’s an idea - lose the heavy buckled outdoor collar and spoil them with our new Silkies. These soft, silky collars are the perfect apparel for relaxing and napping. Luxuriously comfortable, they are the perfect collar for curling up on a favourite bed or stretching out on a rug in front of the fire.

We use only the best quality USA-made Satin cord. It’s gorgeous and shiny and soft and supple. Matched with a silk tassel it’s extra-cute.

 With Four colours to choose from, when everyone is opening their new pjs on Christmas morning you can surprise your pup with an equally comfortable collar they’ll love to lounge in!

Not just super-comfy, these collars also carry that all important visible ID to keep your buddy safe at all times. Remember, most pets go missing right from home where many of them aren’t wearing ID!

 Keep them safe and comfy with a Silkie.

Care in keeping this shiny and new - hand wash in a mild detergent and lay flat to dry.

You can read all about how our Lounge Collars are created right here

 Please see our 'top tip' in product images to the left to get the perfect fit. As your collar is handcrafted and specially made for your pet you will have to allow 3 days plus shipping, but it will be worth it!